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Who We Are

Our employees are CDIA Certified as FCRA Experts, Certified FICO Professionals, and nationally recognized credit reporting and credit scoring experts. We have helped thousands of clients with credit challenges. At Qwest, we not only provide credit solutions, we also make sure each client obtains a comprehensive understanding of credit and credit scoring. We feel that these secrets have been hidden for long enough and it is time to share these credit fundamentals with the world. We do our very best to ensure that our clients FCRA and FDCPA rights are enforced, and that they are better prepared to handle their credit in the marketplace. Imagine a personal trainer for your credit score. Just like a personal trainer, we can only help our clients achieve results if they are committed to achieving those results. In alot of cases, we are talking about years of bad credit habits that need to be re-programmed. So, while we can achieve some great things for our clients, it does take a very committed, interactive client for the best results to be reached.

Our Commitment

We have a very high rate of success with our clients. The reason for that is we are very selective in which files we will take on. We can not take every case. As you see, there is no ability to simply sign up and pay on our website. That is by design. We promise to evaluate every scenario on a case by case basis, and determine if we can provide solutions. While we would like to help everyone, there are simply some cases that are not ideal for this type of work. We have all seen the websites that claim they can do everything, and help everyone...unfortunately, that is misleading. We honestly dont know how any company can agree to take a client without fully reviewing their case first, and determining if it is a file that can be helped. We promise to evaluate every scenario on a case by case basis, and determine if we can provide solutions. Unfortunately this means that some files will be turned away. We also promise that if we cannot provide the solutions that you need, we will politely and professionally advise you of that fact and offer a detailed explanation. We are happy to review your case.